Aggressive Weapons Charge Defense Lawyer

Generally, carrying a gun or other concealed weapon is lawful in California as long as you have a permit and are not a convicted felon. However, if you are involved in some form of illegal activity, that weapon can have a serious impact on your criminal case. Misdemeanor offenses can be aggravated to felony offenses with the addition of a weapons charge. At O'Connor Law APC, we fight relentlessly to challenge all of the criminal charges you face, including gun and weapons charges.

Whether you are being charged for gun possession or for another criminal charge in conjunction with weapons charges, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer for a free initial consultation.  Our law firm is skilled in defending adults and juveniles who are charged with weapons offenses in California. While the majority of weapons charges are felony offenses, we aggressively defend clients in misdemeanor and felony weapons cases, including:

  • Carrying an un-permitted concealed handgun (misdemeanor)
  • Discharging a firearm
  • Illegal firearm sales
  • Possession of an assault weapon
  • Using a weapon to commit a crime
  • Minor in possession of a gun
  • Other weapons charges

Fighting Sentence Enhancement in Gun Cases

When a gun is used to commit a crime, such as assault, rape, theft, or other crime, the charge and resulting sentence is enhanced. We thoroughly analyze the case to find areas of weakness. For example, if the weapon was confiscated in an illegal search and seizure, that weapon should not be used as evidence against you. With that evidence dismissed, the prosecution often has little choice but to reduce the charge by removing the weapons offense.

O'Connor Law APC is known for our success in getting charges reduced or even dismissed. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, you know you can trust in our experience and dedication. We will fight for your rights. Contact us right away to discuss your case with a top notch Criminal Defense Attorney.