The Law Office of O'Connor Law APC specializes in defending those accused of drunk driving (DUI/DWI). We have handled thousands of DUI cases and taken many through trial with exceptional results.

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If you or someone you know has been arrested on for drunk driving and needs an attorney, don’t compound the problem by delaying or choosing not to contact an experienced drunk driving defense attorney. At O'Connor Law APC, your drunk driving case will receive the attention of a highly qualified attorney familiar with the nuances and ever-changing landscape of DUI law, and who also has the necessary courtroom experience to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

A drunk driving or driving under the influence (“DUI”) charge carries with it very serious consequences. A DUI conviction affects not only your criminal record, but can also affect your driving privilege, your employment, your reputation and compromise the relationship with your family. If you are in need of a DUI lawyer in the greater Southern California area, do not delay in contacting O'Connor Law APC. Our lawyers will act immediately to preserve your right to challenge an automatic license suspension by the DMV, while at the same time preparing a calculated defense in the criminal proceedings.

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